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The monthly payments represent a saving of approximately 30% over the cost of buying four-weekly tickets!

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To offer you the utmost security, we have developed a secure payment site for you to complete the purchase of your tickets.The tickets are valid seven days a week and, don't forget, the more you travel, the more you save!Choose your zone There are nineteen different zones to choose from across West Kent, Surrey, West Sussex and Essex covering the main urban areas in which Arriva operates.In the list below, you can see the area covered by each ticket by clicking the zone names in the left-hand column.Check you’re saving The monthly cost for each zone, based on the cost of an annual ticket spread over twelve separate payments, is shown in the middle column and you can see how much you will save compared to the normal price of a four-weekly ticket for the same zone.STEP 1: Order your ticket online by choosing your zone and completing the direct debit information!

To purchase an annual ticket via Direct Debit, complete the online application form by clicking here - you will need your bank account details.

Comfortable clothing, Please avoid wearing zips, buttons or jewellery to any Hang workshop as they can damage the equipment. Bottled water Teacher- The hang aerial dance tutors are all experienced aerial dance teachers and performers.

The class has two tutors (a combination from Lynn, Jane, Jane and Sarah) When selecting your tickets you'll be invited to include a small donation towards our Care to Dance appeal.

When travelling with this new ticket you must have ID to prove you age to validate the ticket.

If you are not sure which zone you need each zone above have a link to a map that can help you, or you can contact us online, or ask us on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Care to Dance takes dance to older adults in care homes across the North East.